Since I’ve had a full queue (2 weeks) of the main comic up for ages now I decided to take a week off, stretch my wings and try my hand at creating my own interpretation of an already existing character that everybody knows.  Now, I’ve never really considered myself a brony, but I do enjoy My Little Pony.  I had a lot of friends who really loved it a few years back so I gave it a try and I must admit there is something that keeps you watching.  Anyway, I felt that drawing a human version of Rainbow Dash, not exactly a new feat, would be the best way to go about this reimagining project.  The entire thing took me about 5 days or so from start to finish as I drew, redrew and tried new things.  I’ve never done wings before, I’ve never done hair to this degree before, in terms of length, style and complexity but as well as shading, I was trying a new way of drawing faces and eyes (another reason to do this instead of in-comic) and this is probably the best shoes I’ve ever done.  So here is Rainbow Dash!